Numbers, number bonds, addition and subtraction, shapes, money, and more

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Grade I

Numbers, number sequence, patterns, addition and subtraction, and more

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Grade II

Number sense, Addition and subtraction, patterns and sequences, money and more

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Grade III

Multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, data and measurement, and more

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Grade IV

Decimals, fractions, measurement, algebra, estimation and more

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Grade V

Multiplication, division, fractions, percentages and ratios, probability and more

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Practice does it!

Practice and repetition are the key to learning a new skill. With Edulit, students can learn at their own pace, practicing until they master each new skill.

Gain competency and fluency at a rapid pace

Our layered and creative approach to practice is automated and seamlessly adjusts to each student’s current level of competency. This enables students to learn new skills and gain competency and fluency at a rapid pace.

A reward program that rewards dedication

We make learning fun with a points based system that rewards students not only for correct answers but for their dedication to practice as well.

The result is a positive attitude towards their studies and a measurable improvement in grades.