Math Curriculum Developer (K-5)

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT | CANADA, U.S.A., U.K. | Remote Opportunit

If you love teaching math and have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, this is your best chance to combine the two vocations.

Edulit is looking for a math expert to join the team and fill our online practice tool with engaging practice material. We will count on your ability to create material that will fully immerse our users in an incredible practice experience.

On the education side, you'll bring excellent writing and communication skills, the ability to simply explain complex concepts and a genuine passion for teaching. On the entrepreneurial side, you'll have a desire to be part of an exciting start-up, combined with a team-first attitude that makes us and our business better.

Job Requirements


In addition to a Bachelors or Masters in mathematics or a related STEM field:

Three reasons to join the Edulit team:

About Edulit

We’re an educational technology company that addresses the main reason students do poorly: not enough practice.
We create practice tools for students from K–12: responsive adaptive technology for grades K–5 to make learning fun, and expert-led personalized practice materials for grades 6–12 to make learning relevant. All tools lead learners to mastery.
Our products are the result of current research in education and technology, and our passion for both shines through in everything we make.